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Growing Up with Sunshine Green Peas

       There’s nothing like great food to bring us back in the past. Well, in this case, a good snack! If you were born in the late 70s to the late 80s, you will definitely remember the most popular green pea snack, Sunshine Green Peas. It was the all-time Pinoy snack you could afford with your limited allowance back in school. Costing only at 25 centavos, these mini foil packs of delicious green peas were a delight in the mouth. It truly was the in thing of our school days and it’s amazing how this snack has survived throughout the years. One thing’s for sure, delicious and healthy never really go out of style.

       IMG_4339To feed the nostalgia, think about coming home from school and snacking on tiny packets of Sunshine Green Peas as you watch your favorite afternoon TV show. How about opening your lunchbox at school and seeing 3 packets your mom has included in your baon? Perhaps you’ve also had the experience of having little allowance left and the only thing your money can buy you is a pack of these yummy and crunchy peas. It suddenly turns boring and even bad days into good ones making them memorable and forever in our hearts. To some, Sunshine Green Peas may be that one snack that brings back all the simple days of our childhood that we have long forgotten.

IMG_4333       As a 30-40 year old working class, it feels so good to finally get your hands on a pack of Sunshine Peas. You will be able to celebrate  major #throwbackThursdays reminding yourself of fond memories of childhood with each munch and crunch of delicious green peas. You’ve probably clamored over these treats in grocery stores, sari-sari stores and even food expos around the country making sure to get your hands on a pack of Sunshine Green Peas.

        Sunshine Green Peas are widely available in stores and supermarkets and is still the same old scrumptious snack you remember from the good old days! Munching on green peas just used to be an after school delight, but now, since its health benefits have been proven to be true, Sunshine Green Peas are actually good for your body and health. This means you can reminisce and snack all day minus the guilt.

       Sunshine Green Peas is really a full fledged Pinoy brand that everyone loves to eat. Looking through social media posts, we can’t help but love the hashtags associated with it. Our favorites include:

Sunshine Green Peas #blastfromthepast 

       What is your favorite moment with Sunshine Green Peas and how can you sum it up in a hashtag? We’d love to read your comments below! Share with us your stories and experiences as you open a pack of Sunshine Green Peas. Happy eating!


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